Power quality measures the ability of your electrical network to provide clean and stable power. Poor power quality can harm your business by causing production disturbances and damages to electrical equipment. Ultimately, this can lead to higher energy and maintenance costs for your business.

The Power Quality API helps our customers better understand and address infrastructure challenges. For example, the data can reveal an undersized transformer, an under-performing device, or a problem at the power supply provider. The API includes data for three indicators of power quality health: power factor, voltage, and total harmonic distortion.

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Access the APIs

  1. Power Factor describes the operating efficiency of your circuits and can be accessed at Power Factor API. For more details on what power factor is and how Verdigris Insights can alert you when problems arise, please refer to How do I analyze my Power Quality.
  2. Voltage can be accessed at Voltage API. Power quality is highly dependent on the quality of the voltage electricity supply from the network. A steady supply voltage is ideal. For more details on why voltage is important, please refer to How do I analyze my Power Quality.
  3. Total harmonic distortion (THD) can be accessed at THD API. A high THD can cause excessive heating and core loss in motors and increase power usage. For more details on what THD is and why it is important, please refer to How do I analyze my Power Quality.

Figure 1

A graphical representation of THD extracted from the API. In this example, power quality is healthy because the amount of distortion is less than the recommended 0.03 THD. Additionally, there are no sudden spikes or dips.

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