What is Short Cycling? 

Short cycling is the rapid turning on and off of a mechanical system and occurs frequently in air-compressors, furnaces, chillers, and AC units. It can be caused by dirty air filters, an oversized system, or the differential pressure being set too low. 

Different types of equipment have different recommended cycling rates. Check NEMA for standards on the allowable start for your equipment.

Why Care about Short Cycling? 

This rapid state-change adds unnecessary stress on the magnetic coils of a motor with high surge currents and prevents adequate heat dissipation, ultimately reducing its lifespan and efficiency. In addition, it can mean that the air-conditioning running off the chiller or the power-tools connected to the air-compressor will under-perform. The occurrence of short cycling is not only terrible for the device health specifically, but it can also be a root cause for high energy usage and waste.

What is Motor Current Signature Analysis?

Motor current signature analysis (MCSA) is a highly valuable predictive maintenance tool that we use to detect motor faults in devices that are short cycling or improperly functioning. Motor current signals are analyzed and characterized as a unique waveform. Electrical or mechanical faults contribute to the current signal and impact the waveform. The current signals are analyzed by our smart AI. Once analyzed, our AI can determine specific fault signatures should the signals deviate from expected behavior.

What can you do?

By reviewing this information you can gain insights to the individual devices themselves and pinpoint where the fault is occurring. This allows you to then take necessary steps toward correcting the issue at its source. Once the device is up to date with maintenance, you can set tracker notifications to ensure the device is running correctly. 

Our dashboard (app.verdigris.co) can be used to track this information where it is view-able only to you. Additionally, you may use our setpoint tracker (tracker.verdigris.co) to set notifications for you and your team when any device experiences anomalous behavior or has a major fault.

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