You can view real-time data in 1-minute increments for circuit power and energy in the Real-time Dashboard in the Verdigris Analytics App.

1. Navigate to

2. Select your circuits

Click "Filter"
Select one Panel
Click "Back"
Click "Circuits"
Select one or multiple Circuits


  1. The default view will be in kWh energy. To view the data as kW power, click the "Show as power" option button.
  2. Make sure the time filter is current by clicking the date window and selecting "Today".


Currently you can view circuit-level data from one panel at a time. You cannot view circuits from different panels at the same time. To view a different panel, click "Back" in the filter box, unselect your current panel, then follow the steps above to select a new panel and new circuits.

If you need help at any time, click the chat bubble in the corner of the screen, or email us at

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