Verdigris can integrate with any electric utility that offers application programming interface (API) access to data. These programs are often referred to as "share my data", "connect my data", "usage history", or similar.  Green Button is a popular program in which many utilities participate, but your utility may have its own program. Not all utilities offer an API feature.

To determine if your energy data can be integrated into the Verdigris platform, you can find a list of GreenButton participating companies here, and a list of utilities that provide any kind of data sharing can be found here, or contact your provider directly and ask if they offer API access. 

If you determine that your utility is eligible, proceed to your Building Profile settings to link your account, or contact us to discuss setting up an integration for you.

To link your account:

Go to and click the Settings icon in the top-right corner.

Then go to Building Profile  in the sidebar menu.

In the Utility Data section, click the drop-down list to see if your utility is included, select your utility, then click the + button enter your utility credentials and complete the integration.

If the integration was successful you will see your utility listed and the date that the integration was authorized.

If you would like further assistance, please reach out to our team through the live chat bubble in the corner or email us at

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