Peak Demand 

Peak demand is best described as the time periods throughout the day where electricity consumption is at its highest. Annual peak demand occurs in summer during prolonged heat waves, usually when most people arrive home and switch on their air conditioners, TVs, lights, and other household appliances. Peak demand can represent a spike in power usage, such as turning on all the lights in a facility or starting up an electric motor in a factory. Your utility company must be able to provide you with that amount of power, but the infrastructure necessary to supply that power at a moment’s notice may come at a cost.

Verdigris will help you reduce your peak demand by helping you to pinpoint what is causing your building's energy usage. Once you determine where your peak demand is, tracker notification can be set to update or alert you of these devices before they are operating during high kWh.

Setpoint Tracker (ST)

Determining your needs for the ST is easy with the help of our Verdigris system. Verdigris uses proprietary hardware and AI to deliver energy usage data down to the device level. Sensors are non-intrusively installed at the electrical circuit. 

Verdigris will help you to better scope and understand your energy usage by showing energy usage for devices within your building. ST notifications can alert you if a specific device is not properly functioning.

Verdigris has additional advanced features to empower you to reduce energy usage--you can also use our platform's artificial intelligence to help you to understand when and how to reduce peak demand cost. Verdigris can learn what the normal operation of your building is and notify you when energy costs are the outside expectation. Our system can forecast energy usage 24 hours ahead in order to give you time to prepare for peak demand events.

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