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Power Measurement for High Voltage Environments
Power Measurement for High Voltage Environments

Reliable power measurement for kV power distribution

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The Verdigris system should be powered between 110V up to 600V.

However, Verdigris can reliably measure power from any voltage up to 20kV by using a technique called single-phase extrapolation.

There are several steps to single-phase extrapolation. First, we developed an algorithm that evaluates the current phases. Then the algorithm calculates the three voltage phases by analyzing the waveforms for best fit sinusoid or power factor. Finally, it extrapolates the zero crossings and encodes that into your system. The technique allows Verdigris to accurately read voltage and power for 480V or kV feeds without being on the line. 

For powering your Verdigris system in high voltage, see some of the recommended options for 480V Delta or high voltage here.
Learn more about Verdigris technical specifications here.

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