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What is the Verdigris Smart Current Transformer (CT)?
What is the Verdigris Smart Current Transformer (CT)?

Verdigris utilizes patented Smart Current Transformer (CT) technology to give you unparalleled energy data visibility.

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What is a current transformer and what does it do?

A current transformer (CT) measures the amount of voltage (AC) traveling through a circuit. Our patented Verdigris Smart CT not only tracks energy but uses edge computing to analyze and compress the electricity data so that the always-on AI can let you know what you need to know (e.g. anomalous behavior) in time to save money. It tracks energy usage thousands of times per second and can be measured at the building, equipment, or phase level. When connected, data is securely sent over secured ethernet, WiFi or 4G/LTE to our encrypted cloud servers.

How much can they measure?

The Verdigris Smart CT can track circuits up to 90A and connect to a wiring size (including insulator) of 58.6mm². Hinged CTs can monitor up to 250A and the Rogowski Coil CT up to 15,000A. For higher voltages, the maximum wiring size varies by amperage and the CT's own size. You can connect up to 42 Smart CTs to a single system or "data transmitter", which serves as the communications gateway. In that way, you can monitor all 42 circuits on a standard panel with one Verdigris system. In some instances, one system can monitor more than one panel - as long as the panels are less than three feet apart. We may recommend installing more than one system in your property depending on your needs and configuration such as the electrical usage patterns of the facility, the electrical equipment you wish to monitor, and where electrical panels are located.

How accurate are they?

Our Verdigris Smart CTs are ±2% accurate within 1%-100% of their 90A rating. The Hinged CTs are ±0.5% accurate within 1%-100% of their rated amperage and the Rogowski Coil CTs are ±0.5% accurate within 0-100% of their rated amperage.

While our system reads power from 110V up to 600V, we can reliably measure power from any voltage up to 20kV. You can find out more about our technical specifications here.

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