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Sag/Swell Capture API (EV2 Pro (beta))
Sag/Swell Capture API (EV2 Pro (beta))

Identify sag/swell events caused during a brownout or blackout event

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Verdigris EV2 Pro (beta) includes a continuous power source that provides over 30 seconds of direct power at the moment of a power loss “event” to the energy data gateway. This allows Verdigris to capture high fidelity before/after waveforms that are timestamped to the exact moment of the power loss. Timestamped waveforms are valuable for reporting the count of power loss events or determining their root cause. Waveforms are now accessible programmatically via the Sag/Swell Capture API.

Using the Sag/Swell Capture API, customers can now access:

  • Waveform for each voltage channel (4 in total, one per phase plus neutral) and current channel (42 in total; with or without CTs installed)

  • 32 power cycles per waveform (16 before the event, and 16 after the event)

  • Timestamp of the recorded event

  • Number of waveforms saved before the event trigger

  • Number of waveforms during event

  • Signed percentage of sag below or swell above baseline voltage (-100.0/+100.0)

To access the Sag/Swell Capture API documentation, visit

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