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September 7, 2023 | Introducing Analytics 2.2
September 7, 2023 | Introducing Analytics 2.2

πŸŽ‰ Completing our Analytics migration and adding building end-use aggregation! πŸš€

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We're thrilled to announce that the latest version of Analytics is officially live! Our engineering team has been hard at work, and we have successfully executed the Analytics migration, unifying all features into the powerful Analytics 2.2. This release brings forth a range of enhancements and new features to improve the user experience.

Key Highlights of Analytics 2.2:

  • We have added Power Factor insights to help you get a comprehensive understanding of your energy efficiency.

  • We have added building-level end-use aggregation to help you gain a holistic view of energy consumption.

  • Quantitative insights are now at your fingertips. Each chart is accompanied by a descriptive Key Performance Indicator (KPI), providing you with a quick snapshot of your data's significance.

  • We have moved the date selector from the right side to the top of the screen. Say goodbye to zigzagging mouse pointers and hello to seamless filter selection!

  • We have moved the language setting under personal settings, ensuring a clutter-free main view.

  • We have meticulously optimized the user interface and revamped the infographic data charts.

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