Yes, the Verdigris system can be used indoors and outdoors. Please note that the system may require a NEMA 4 rated safety enclosure if used outside. Consult your Verdigris representative if you have further questions.


An indoor area is desirable since the Verdigris system operates at peak efficiency when in temperature controlled environments between 0º and 30ºC, or 32º-104ºF. Simply having the Verdigris installed inside will allow you to easily combat factors such as weather and moisture.                                                                       


Verdigris will indeed work on an outside breaker box or panel. If you move forward with an outside installation, a temperature controlled NEMA enclosure should be purchased and used.
If you are interested in a NEMA protection enclosure, please feel free to click here for a free quote or simply contact us at for assistance. We recommend this model.

You may also look into our Verdigris Specifications page here for more information regarding NEMA safety casings.

Protection Ratings

The Verdigris has an Ingress Protection rating of 30 (IP30 rating). This rating indicates that the system's case will prevent the build up of dust and other small particles while also preventing tampering, but it will not keep out liquids or moisture.

Can the Verdigris be locked?

While the Verdigris System's enclosure does not offer a lock, it will keep any errant fingers and tools out of the casing and away from possible tampering (IP30 rated).
The breaker box you install to may have a lock which you can use and locking NEMA enclosures are available in many sizes.



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