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How do I add new CTs to a pre-installed Energy Data Gateway?
How do I add new CTs to a pre-installed Energy Data Gateway?

Follow this guide if you want to add additional CT sensors to a previously-installed Verdigris system.

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Occasionally you may need to add additional CT sensors after the system was already installed, for example, if you install a breaker in a spare slot in the panel or add load to a breaker you weren't metering. 

With Verdigris, adding additional CTs to an existing system is easy. Follow instructions below:

  1. Using the Installation Manual, follow the instructions to add the CTs into the appropriate position in the CT chain. Ensure that you reconnect the chain before and after the new CTs, and note the position of the CTs in the chain.

  2. Follow the instructions to reboot the Verdigris system. This is essential for the system to verify the installation and recognize the new CTs.

  3. In your browser, go to the Admin Console to add and map the new CTs.

    Note: This step is required to start monitoring these newly installed CTs.

    1. You should now see unused sensors on the appropriate chain.

    2. Click the "Add Breaker" or "Add CT" button under the appropriate chain to start monitoring newly installed CTs.

    3. When you've finished configuring the CTs, and review the positions and labels of all CTs. Update the metadata or drag CT and breaker positions to confirm the CT metadata is configured to match the physical attributes of the installed CTs.

In the example screenshot below, Chain 2 previously had 7 CTs configured and we just added 3 CTs to Chain 2 which we haven't yet added and mapped, thus "7/10 sensors used". If you didn't successfully reboot the Verdigris system after the installation, it will not recognize the new CTs and will continue to say all of the sensors are used, e.g. "7/7 sensors used". If this is the case, try to reboot again and check the results of the chain diagnostics and indicator lights.

Add additional CTs

If you have any trouble, please contact our Support team by clicking the chat bubble in the right corner of the screen or email

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