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How does the Verdigris system work with existing BMS, BEMS, or EMS?
How does the Verdigris system work with existing BMS, BEMS, or EMS?

Using Verdigris with other Energy Management systems.

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                                                      What is a BEMS?

A BMS / BEMS is a Building Energy Management System used to control and monitor building services such as ventilation (heating and air conditioning), and in some cases lighting and on-site security measures. Finding the optimal level of efficiency is done by continual balancing and maintaining energy usage, operating requirements, and environmental conditions. 

Higher operating costs, accelerated mechanical failure, and lessened occupant comfort can come as a result of incorrectly maintained or monitored systems. Managing your building's energy consumption through the use of a BEMS can show usage patterns and, when measured against similar buildings or structures, highlight inefficiencies and usage above or below the norm.

Only by ensuring building services work in accordance with demand (following along with changes to the building or equipment) and eliminating over-use of resources can you limit wasted energy and money. 

                                                         How Verdigris Fits

Many varieties of BEMS exist, with varying degrees of features. The Verdigris system is not a BEMS itself, but a standalone energy monitoring platform, with a feature set that allows it to work with your existing BEMS. In the event you would like to automate your building controls, we would work with your BEMS to access the control points.

Our system is currently compatible with any BACnet/IP based and Modbus/TCP as BEMS communication protocols. In cases where BACnet is not available, Verdigris can work with your system integrator to bridge BACnet to other types of controls systems.

Verdigris is different in that it’s a complete end-to-end solution. Our technology uses our own hardware, AI, and software to deliver a better understanding of your building operations.  The Verdigris system is able to identify motor problems costing energy, detect equipment faults before they occur, as well as reduce power use during peak times. Our disaggregation algorithm enables us to mark and separate many device signatures on a single circuit. It is faster, more accurate, and easier to set up than any other solution out there. We also have the lowest cost per metered endpoint. Learn more here.

                                                                Ease of Use

Once configured, the Verdigris system and its accompanying app allow for quick and easy checking of trends and changes to your building's energy usage. By setting up notifications per circuit, you can be alerted when changes are made (someone leaving an oven on) or be notified when anomalous energy usage is detected (mechanical issue with a motor that results in abnormal power consumption).

When the system is activated and connected to our network, our systems behave very much like a mobile smartphone. Each device is characterized as always-on and architected to dial home. Two-hour checks are made to make sure the network connection is alive. Devices can operate independently without network for up to 2 hours after that they will enter a network "keep-alive" mode where data is backed up (for months) and network retry will continue indefinitely. Each device has unique identifiers that can be commissioned through a central system which is managed on our cloud.

Our systems are connected to an always-on self-healing network. Firmware updates are automatic which means you do not have to worry about routine maintenance. For specific malfunctions or hardware defects, our support team is on standby to fix any issues.

                                                    Access from Anywhere

Once configured for your BEMS system, our AI will run through a calibrated discovery of your BEMS system and identify potential optimizations. Our team of highly skilled solutions architects then work closely with your team or your control vendor to implement the automation strategies that work the most for your business.

Verdigris forecasting for demand management uses a deep learning recurrent neural network model. It reads a building's energy usage in real time, and, combined with weather or building occupancy, produces a probability distribution for estimated power consumption (kW). This insight can help you to operate your machinery or devices at the desirable times of the day when your kW rates are the lowest.

If you would like further assistance or have any inquiries, please visit to contact us. 

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