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Disaggregation of Electrical Signals
Disaggregation of Electrical Signals

Disaggregation enables device-level energy data from a single circuit.

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Verdigris uses proprietary hardware and AI to deliver energy use data down to the device level. Sensors are non-intrusively installed at the electrical circuit. By employing disaggregation, Verdigris creates virtual meters on downstream devices for cost-effective up-to-the-minute energy data.

What is disaggregation 

What is Disaggregation

Disaggregation is the process of taking an aggregate electrical signature and parsing out individual electrical signatures.

How Verdigris disaggregates

From a single sensor on the electrical panel, Verdigris is able to track and separate individual equipment from the context of the circuit and panel.

Installation Diagram

In this diagram, you have six physically installed Verdigris smart CTs. One on each circuit breaker on the electrical panel. Downstream on a single circuit, you may have several appliances or electrical devices. Disaggregation lets us see the virtual meter data for those downstream devices.

Each sensor is sampling current several thousand times per second. Verdigris uses artificial intelligence and machine learning on the energy signature to cluster individual waveforms into their underlying equipment signatures. Over time it improves at identifying and clustering equipment accurately.

Disaggregation Sample Curve

For a short video illustration of what disaggregation looks like in real-time, see here: 

Disaggregation in action

Below is an example of running disaggregation on one phase of a Process Chiller circuit with one of our customers. It finds 7 chiller components plus the base load. This graph represents those components as a time-series sparkline.

Disaggregation Figure

If the circuit had multiple small appliances, those would be shown as well. 

Disaggregation delivers value

Granular energy submetering enables building managers and owners to make better-informed decisions that can help optimize energy performance. Verdigris disaggregation uses AI to surface this virtual submetering data stream for your assets at a fraction of the cost of placing submeter infrastructure on all your equipment.

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