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What Makes Verdigris Easy to Install
What Makes Verdigris Easy to Install

Getting rich, actionable submeter and energy data from your building and assets has never been simpler

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Sensor installation in under an hour

Whether you are working with electricians or installing in-house, time is money.

We've worked with OEM panel manufacturers, electrician groups, and municipal authorities to design, streamline and benchmark our safe and easy installation process. It takes just 37 minutes to install Verdigris on a 30-circuit NP / NQ / NF-style panelboard and under 60 minutes in switchgear or distribution panel environments.

You can also avoid building deployment-specific configurations. Our flexible sensor architecture makes it possible to adapt the same equipment to multiple electrical environments. 

We supply:

  • Custom, non-intrusive split-core current transformers designed for compact lighting and appliance environments

  • Rogowski coil and interface modules for space-constrained switchgear environments

Secure, stable, IT-less communications

Commercial and industrial environments are complex. Local facilities can be self-managing, decentralized operations. 

You need connectivity solutions that meet your site-to-site infrastructure needs.

Whether you are:

  • Seeking the convenience of an IT-less deployment with out-of-box connectivity

  • Piggybacking on existing Wi-Fi infrastructure

  • Meeting the firewall and security needs of an Enterprise information security organization or,

  • Developing applications with the latency or security requirements of an Ethernet connection

Verdigris meets your needs.
We provide Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Cellular (both domestic and international) connectivity options.

Fast and simple setup and commissioning

For customers on a timeline, our professional service team works with you to set up and in some instances pre-commission your systems. With Verdigris, you can have your site data virtualized and streaming within 48 hours of installation.

Data access through your web browser 

Regardless of whether you're managing a single asset or a fleet of them, Verdigris takes the complexity out of digitalization.

Instead of:

  • installing data logging and measurement equipment

  • integrating cloud communications

  • managing data storage

  • designing application for insights, KPIs and reporting

  • developing and hosting applications to surface data

with Verdigris, you can simply install and access your data from anywhere in the world via HTTP or HTTPS securely using a desktop or mobile web browser of your choice

Application Programming Interface (API)

Verdigris is an open platform for digitalized asset energy data.

Our API makes it easy for developers to develop bespoke solutions. Our customers and partners are building predictive analytics applications, machine learning models, and extending their business intelligence capabilities to meet enterprise and segment-specific needs.

Developers can access our APIs once their administrators have created credentials.

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