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Create an Energy Tracker Setpoint Alert
Create an Energy Tracker Setpoint Alert

Learn how to create a Tracker alert notification in the Verdigris Energy Tracker App.

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Energy Tracker by Verdigris is an alerting tool to keep you informed about activity in your building. Use Tracker to notify you when energy consumption is higher than it should be (e.g. when something is on that shouldn't be) or when consumption is lower than it should be (e.g. when something is not on that should be).

You can set up as many Trackers as you want and tailor them to only trigger on specific days and times. Here's how to get started:

  1. Navigate to the Verdigris Analytics App (Classic version) and sign in.

  2. Select "Setpoints" from the Menu on the left side of the screen.

  3. Select "Add Tracker".

  4. Enter a name for the Tracker. Tip: use a name that will quickly tell you what's going on, such as "Chiller 1 Offline".

  5. Select whether you want to be alerted when power is "Above" or "Below" a setpoint.

  6. Set the kW threshold. Tip: use the Demand Peaks module in the App to learn the equipment's idle/on states and set your threshold above or below those levels.

  7. Choose the days and times you want to monitor.*

  8. Select the circuits, breakers, panels, buildings, or end-uses you want to track.

  9. Select the "Save" icon at the top of the screen to save your new Tracker.

To delete a Tracker:

  1. Click the "Trash" icon at the top of the screen. This will completely delete the Tracker. If you want the Tracker to continue monitoring but you no longer want to receive notifications, see below.

To view Tracker activity events for existing Trackers:

  1. Navigate to the Tracker home screen.

  2. Click the "List" icon at the top of the screen.

  3. Select the Tracker from the list.

To mute or enable Tracker notifications:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Console.

  2. Select "Manage Account".

  3. If you're an Admin, select the account you want to manage.

  4. Find the Tracker you want to mute or enable.

  5. Toggle it on or off.

  6. The Tracker will continue to monitor but will no longer send event notifications.

*Note: if you want to monitor overnight behavior on a specific day (e.g., Tuesday night / Wednesday morning, 10pm to 5am), please set up two trackers: the first ending at 11:59pm; the second starting at 00:00am (e.g., 10:00pm to 11:59pm; and 12:00am to 5:00am).

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