Easily Monitor Building Operations

Track the metrics that matter to your building easily with custom KPIs in your weekly Verdigris email.

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Verdigris makes it easier to save on your building's operations--in that vein, we have released weekly custom performance indicators that give you the information you care about in your inbox every week.  

In 5 minutes you can:

• Make sure you are getting the most out of your HVAC and not wasting energy relative to changes in weather.

• Check that your key equipment is meeting your energy conservation goals for the month.
• Check that the new equipment or retrofit you purchased is reducing energy usage by the amount quoted.

Custom Performance Indicators

This weekly email compares the past week to a benchmark period (a user-defined period of time). You can see the following metrics for a set of circuits, breakers, or panels:
• Power
• Energy
• Voltage
• Current
• Power Factor
• Total Harmonic Distortion

This data can be normalized by degree heating days, degree cooling days, or total degree days (cooling and heating). The chart above compares a previous period (designated by the user) to the last week, month, or year. You can view this comparison per:

• Month
• Year
• Hour of Day
• Day of Week
• End-use

Getting Started:

Send an email to solutions@verdigris.co with what you would like to monitor so we can set up your custom weekly KPIs today.

Verdigris is a leading IoT energy meter that allows you to better manage your buildings and find ways to save energy.  We are one of the easiest meters to install and our advanced AI allows us to provide some of the most advanced capabilities at one of the lowest cost per metered circuit.

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