Class A Compatibility 

While our product is compatible with standard split-phase residential US panels, we are currently certified for FCC class A only. This class A regulation prohibits Verdigris from using our technology in typical consumer residential panels. At this time, Verdigris can only work with mission-critical commercial facilities.

                                                         Use Cases

Depending on the use case, we may be able to support certain use cases within multi-tenant residential buildings or for monitoring solar investments.
If you believe your building may be compatible with these unique use cases or you would like to find out if your building is compatible, please feel free to review this article which covers different use case types that Verdigris scopes. 

For more information regarding using the Verdigris system or checking for system specifications, please click here.

If you're interested in getting assistance scoping your deployment, please reach out to our team through intercom or at

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