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How do I tell if Verdigris can be integrated with my system?
How do I tell if Verdigris can be integrated with my system?

Verdigris supports BACnet/IP and Modbus/TCP

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Q1: "I am a facility manager and I am really excited about Verdigris smart metering solutions. But how do I know if Verdigris system can be integrated with my existing control system (BMS/BAS/FMCS)? "

A1: If you currently have a central-controlled system, and using BACnet/IP or Modbus/TCP as communication protocols, then Verdigris could be integrated and interact with your system.
Another way to check: if your BMS system was installed after 1995 or retrofitted after 1995, most likely we can integrate with your system. 

Q2: That is great. I know that BACnet and Modbus are widely used as open protocols to control devices. But how do I tell if my control system uses BACnet/IP or Modbus/TCP? 

A2:  I am glad you asked, as that can be confusing for people not in this major. 

(1) BACnet

To check if your building control system is BACnet compatible, you will need to look for devices with "BTL" mark (shown below), and also a listing on BACnet international website.  
"BTL" stands for "BACnet Testing Laboratory". It is a rigorous conformance test to qualify a product as BACnet compatible or not. Many vendors claim they are BACnet compatible, but only by passing this strict test could assure that.

Most modern BMS system providers are BACnet compatible, including:
Honeywell, Carrier, Siemens, Johnson Control, Schneider, Trane, Tridium, Automated Logic, Delta Controls, Distech Controls, Alerton, etc. 


(2) Modbus

Modbus is an open messaging structure that enables "Master-Slave" communications among intelligent devices. It could be transmitted via multiple physical media: Serial RS232, RS485, and Ethernet cables. 

To find if your device is Modbus compatible, you can check out the Modbus device list published by the Modbus Organization. 

Q3: "It seems very useful. However, after checking my devices, I am still a bit confused. Can you help? "

A3: Sure! We understand some systems are more complicated and may have gone through major renovations. Shoot us an email to evaluate your case specifically! 

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