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June 10, 2022 | New Verdigris Gateway Setup Tool
June 10, 2022 | New Verdigris Gateway Setup Tool

Release notes for the new Verdigris gateway setup tool

Updated over a week ago

The new Verdigris gateway setup tool makes it even easier and faster to get your data live.

With a mobile-friendly design, the gateway setup tool provides a step-by-step guidance to help installers:

  • Validate successful installation: 4-point checklist to ensure safe, complete, and accurate installation every time

  • Set up network connectivity: Enable local (MODBUS or BACnet) or cloud (LTE/Wi-Fi/Ethernet) connection right at the time of installation

  • Label panels and breakers: Confirm data channels are sending accurate and contextual information

By connecting to the Verdigris energy data gateway (EDG) hotspot with a smartphone, the installer will be able to see the setup tool directly. Step indicators on the top of the page show where you are in the process.

During the validation process, the setup tool will ensure that the serial number matches and that the SD card is properly secured.

Next, while setting up network connectivity, the tool will check that the CTs are correctly chained together or provide guidance if an error is detected.

After the chain check is complete, the setup tool makes it easy to label each breaker. Installer can scan the QR code on the scoping sheet to easily upload label information, or manually enter it in if needed. Verdigris smart CTs are auto-detected, and the installer can simply select phase and breaker labels from the pre-populated dropdown list. For large CTs, installers can specify CT size as coiled or hinged.

After a voltage check and final review, the onsite setup process is complete.

If you have an upcoming implementation and want to learn more about the new gateway setup tool, please contact us.

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