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Verdigris Configuration Guide

Simple click-through configuration process for fast and accurate data reporting.

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Once your Verdigris Energy Data Gateway ("Gateway") is installed, it must be digitally set up and configured using Verdigris Admin Console to start reporting accurate data.

I. Get Started - Add New Panel

Note: A previously Deconfigured Panel can be reconfigured using the "Reconfigure Panel" button, with the same or different Verdigris Gateway Serial Number. Rest of the steps below are the same.

  1. Select (or Add) Building from the dropdown

  2. Click "Add Panel"

  3. Enter Data Gateway Serial Number and Activation code (request your Customer Success Manager)

  4. Click "Add" <-- "Gateway is activated"

II. Review & Update metadata

Note: Panel metadata can be easily entered and uploaded during installation using the Verdigris Gateway Setup Tool. Alternatively, installers must submit (email, photo, or scan) a filled out Configuration Sheet provided in your equipment box.

Verdigris collects and reports three types of metadata used to contextualize your facility electricity use:

  1. Panel metadata

    1. Panel Name: used to identify the physical Panel being monitored by the Verdigris Gateway.

    2. Panel Voltage: used to correlate actual data monitored by Verdigris.

    3. Panel Phase: used to validate Breaker configuration for data accuracy. E.g. no more than 1 CT allowed per Breaker for 1-phase panels.

  2. Breaker metadata

    1. Breaker Name: used to identify the physical breaker being monitored by the installed CTs.

    2. End-Use: descriptive label used to analyze end consumption patterns. New labels can be added by request to your Customer Success Manager. For accurate End-use aggregation, selectively apply the "Unlabelled" tag to one of the two data streams in the cases below:

      1. When monitoring 1) parent Panel Feeders (or "mains"), as well as 2) ALL the child Breakers on the same Gateway

      2. When monitoring 1) the parent Breaker, as well as, 2) ALL the downstream child Panels on separate Gateways

      3. When monitoring partial downstream loads, expect the Panel Feeder or upstream Breaker data to not match downstream data.

    3. Amp Rating: represents the trip rating of this breaker, used to calculate load capacity.

  3. CT metadata

    1. CT Type / Max. Rating: represents the physically installed Verdigris CT (Smart CT, Hinged CT, Coil CT) in the daisy chained order (CT 1, CT 2, ...).

    2. CT Phase: represents the Circuit phase (A, B, or C) that CT is installed on.

    3. CT Polarity: represents the true direction of the installed CT. Default means pointing towards the load. Reversed means pointing towards the line (or feeders).

Other notes:

  • Make sure to review and address all configuration errors (in "Red") to report the highest quality data.

  • CTs in a Breaker can be separated into distinct Breakers. Conversely, they can also be grouped together from multiple Breakers to form a single Breaker.

III. Review & Update Hierarchy

Note: By default, all panels are initially assigned to the Building object, reflecting a "flat" hierarchy. Hierarchy changes are reversible, and data is immediately deduplicated and ready for reporting.

Verdigris users can view and manage their building's panel hierarchy to report hierarchical and deduplicated data in Verdigris Analytics and exports.

To update hierarchy:

  1. Select Building

  2. Click "Panel Hierarchy" tab

  3. Click "Edit Panel Hierarchy" button

  4. Click in front of the Panel to detach from current parent (Breaker or Building)

  5. Drag Panel and release it, once linked to the desired parent (Breaker or Building)

  6. Click "Save" button

Click the "Download" button to export a .png file of the displayed hierarchy.

IV. Validate Data Quality

Note: Admin Console automatically locks validation for the first 6 hours after the "Gateway is activated" for a large enough data sample. Users may need to wait longer if the breaker has not been in use.

  1. After the first 6-hours, use the "Validation Indicators" in Panel Configuration page for a quick data quality check.

  2. For a detailed validation experience:

    1. Click "Edit Panel"

    2. Click "Validate CTs" next for the desired Breaker

    3. Select the appropriate "Phase" and "Polarity" using the Energy and Power data as a guide.

Once these steps are successfully completed, you can immediately head over to the Verdigris Analytics Dashboard to view and export your electrical data for reporting or deeper analysis.

For any questions or assistance, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at

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