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How to replace an Energy Data Gateway Ev1 with an Ev2
How to replace an Energy Data Gateway Ev1 with an Ev2

Refer to this guide if you are upgrading your Ev1 to Ev2.

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Tools needed:

  • 1/8" Allen Key

  • Phillips Head #2 screwdriver

  • Voltage detector

  • Permanent marker

  • Optional: tape

  • Optional: zip-tie or clamp

  • Optional: hammer and flathead screwdriver

Remove the Ev1

  1. Turn off the breaker/s powering the Gateway. Use a voltage detector on the Gateway end cap to confirm there is no power to the system.

  2. Remove the top hex screws to remove the end cap. When the voltage taps are exposed, use your voltage detector again to confirm there is no current on the voltage tap wires.

  3. Make note of the voltage tap wire order. You will need to wire the new system the same way.

    1. Note which color goes to which phase, e.g. white/brown/orange/yellow = phase N/A/B/C.

  4. Make note of the chain numbers,

    1. There are two chains, "1" and "2", each with two cables = 4 chain cables total.

    2. Using a permanent marker or tape, make an obvious visible mark to indicate the cables for Chain 1. (Chain 2 will be identifiable by not having any such mark. If only using a single chain, use the same chain on the new Gateway.)

    3. TIP: Two of the cables (one for each chain) are permanently attached to the Gateway and the attachment clip is a few inches up the cable. Make sure you mark the cable above this clip since the cable below the clip will be removed with the Gateway.

    4. Mark the cables
  5. Disconnect all voltage tap wires and chain cables.

    1. TIP: you may want to use a zip-tie, tape, or clamp to ensure the cables do not fall back inside the panel.

    2. Secure the Gateway body so that it doesn't fall when disconnected. Once the cables are disconnected, the body can be removed by pulling down and set aside for return.

  6. Remove the lock nut.

    1. TIP: you may need to apply force with a hammer and screwdriver to loosen the lock nut.

  7. Remove the Field Wiring Compartment

    1. Note: the existing chase nipple is compatible with the Ev2 Gateway mounting bracket and can be left installed. Each Ev2 also includes a longer chase nipple that can make mounting the Ev2 a bit easier.

    2. If reusing the old chase nipple, use a zip tie or clamp where it protrudes outside the panel cabinet to secure it from falling inside the panel.

    Install the Ev2 Gateway

  8. Find the mounting bracket for your new Ev2. You may have to remove it from the Gateway body.

  9. Using either the existing chase nipple or the new one provided with the Ev2, install the mounting bracket.

  10. Attach the new Gateway body to the mounting bracket. Replace the two screws on the front.

    1. TIP: If your new Ev2 Gateway came with an external 4G antenna, screw it onto the "EXT ANT" port on the bottom of the Gateway before installing the Gateway body on the mounting bracket, this can be especially helpful if installing inside a junction box or enclosure.

  11. Reconnect the chain cables and voltage taps according to your notes and markings.

  12. Replace the cover plate and top screw.

  13. Verify that the Gateway power switch is in the On(1) position.

  14. Turn on the breaker/s powering the unit.

  15. The Gateway will automatically begin an installation verification program and the diagnostic lights will eventually illuminate green if the installation was successful. If not, see the Error Codes section on p22 of the Installation Manual.

    1. Note: if you are using 4G/LTE the Wireless light should turn green. If you are not using 4G/LTE, the Wireless light will remain red until you configure the wifi internet connection. See next.

  16. If using wifi: Once the Gateway has finished booting up and completed the diagnostic program, proceed to p21 of the install manual to set up the network connection.

    1. Note: You only need to complete the Wifi internet connection. You do not need to complete any other system configuration. The commissioning settings will be transferred over from the old Gateway.

  17. Notify when you're finished completing the system configuration or if you need help for any part of the process.

Please refer to company policies and local codes before beginning work on an electrical panel.

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