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April 3, 2023 | Admin Console: fast and accurate configuration
April 3, 2023 | Admin Console: fast and accurate configuration

Use warning and error notifications, helper texts, and intuitive workflows to maintain your electrical digital twin.

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Your organization’s energy efficiency and sustainability goals depend on the quality of your electrical data. Although it’s simple to understand, it can be hard to consistently deliver reliable and accurate data across the range of electrical and geographical environments that make up your organization’s portfolio.

Verdigris Admin Console provides a fully remote capability to add or update your digital asset (building, panel, and breaker) configurations throughout the lifecycle of your facility. This release features minor but useful updates to help improve the speed and resiliency of output data.

  • Updated warning and error notifications provides users with a clear call to action to fix errors.

  • Advanced user search allows users to search through multiple properties by Name, Email or Building; previously you could only search by name.

  • Shorter add/edit building form simplifies the "Address" field into a single line with auto-complete feature.

  • New single click checkbox enables you to select all buildings to assign to a newly created user.

  • Descriptive field labels and information icons help complete commissioning faster and with more accuracy.

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