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November 14, 2023 | Admin Console: New and Improved Data Validation Tools
November 14, 2023 | Admin Console: New and Improved Data Validation Tools

Recover accurate electrical data, even after initial configuration errors.

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We're thrilled to introduce the latest release of Verdigris Admin Console, including our latest set of data validation tools that build additional resilience into the platform.

Accurate energy data is essential to meeting sustainability goals. But configuration mistakes happen, even with the most diligent electricians. Verdigris meters are now fault-tolerant to installation and configuration mistakes, delivering an accurate and auditable dataset that operations and sustainability teams can rely on.

With improved data capture and processing, Verdigris data platform now enables users to correct common errors from installing current transformers (CT) on electrical panels.

Here’s what’s new:

Quickly see possible errors at a glance

To ensure your data collection and storage in Verdigris data lake is error-free, our system runs a continuous background validation process. Now the panel configuration tool provides quick validation indicators to verify data quality and help you resolve errors quickly.

Typical errors include:

  • CT Type mismatch - when installed CT size does not match its digital twin in Admin Console (Figure 1)

  • Phase assignment mismatch - when the configured CT reports illogical data

  • Polarity inversion - when the configured CT reports reversed data

(Figure 1: In this example, Verdigris discovered and flagged incorrect CT sizes that were configured during installation. The user clicks “Edit Panel” and selects the correct CT size, resolving the error.)

You’ll also see CT Validation Indicators that provide feedback on the quality of the CT configuration (Figure 2). There are three indicators:

  • Verdigris green - CT is monitoring a demand load and configured correctly

  • Red - CT is either monitoring a solar/generator load or configured incorrectly

  • Gray - CT is likely monitoring an unused circuit or is misconfigured.

(Figure 2: Within 6 hours of adding a new panel, the CT Validation Indicators (Verdigris, Red, or Gray) are activated to provide users a quick indication of the data quality. In this case, EV Charger data is reporting accurately, validating the current configuration.)

Make corrections easily with simple validation tools

For more technical users, Verdigris now provides a simple tool to help you instantly review the total Energy, average Power Factor, and peak negative Power values (using trailing 24-hour, minutely data samples) for each installed CT.

If an error was made during installation or a previous configuration, no worries. Your correct data is still there, and when the configuration is fixed the related historical and ongoing time-series data is auto-updated, ensuring high data integrity at all times (Figure 3).

(Figure 3: The user notices the red indicators and clicks the Validate CT button. User then reviews the data and corrects the configuration. The corrected issue was a phase assignment mismatch.)

Resolve common CT configuration errors

Unlike other energy meters, Verdigris now tracks all current transformer (CT) configurations and stores this information in our data lake. This means that your historical data is protected against typical CT installation errors, and users can correct common errors days or even months after an installation error may have taken place with no data loss.

In a recent customer example, CTs were installed in the Phase B - Phase A configuration; however, they were digitally configured in the Phase A - Phase B configuration, resulting in negative data being reported (see Figure 4). After validating the phase and polarity in Admin Console, the correct configuration was applied, and the data was fixed (see Figure 5).

(Figure 4: BEFORE - EV Charger breaker reported negative data.)

(Figure 5: AFTER - EV Charger breaker showing correct positive data following resilient configuration fix.)

View a record of changes for improved transparency and reporting

We've also made it even easier to maintain a record of changes, for transparency in your operations. Every configuration change is logged and can be reported through the Verdigris Admin Console (see Figure 6) or Verdigris APIs. This ensures accountability and facilitates comprehensive reporting for any adjustments.

Figure 6: Panel configuration changes are stored and can be accessed through Verdigris Admin Console or API.

Starting August 1, 2023, IoT device management tools are being upgraded for all EV2 gateways and Admin Console users on a rolling basis, with full completion expected by end of 2023. Stay tuned for further updates and improvements. Your success is our priority, and we're here to support your efforts every step of the way.

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