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What are the Hardware Compatibility Requirements?
What are the Hardware Compatibility Requirements?

Use this guide to determine if Verdigris hardware is compatible with your electrical panel configuration.

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At Verdigris, our goal is to bring energy intelligence to the world (and beyond--we work with NASA!). But the world is a big place and there are many different types of electrical panel configurations with which we need to be compatible. We're making progress on our goal for universal compatibility but we're not quite there yet. This guide will help you determine whether your panels are supported yet.

Unlike other meters, Verdigris systems are powered directly from the panels they are metering. There's no battery to worry about, no need to find or install a nearby power receptacle, and the system will continue to function uninterrupted as long as the panel has power. However, for this reason, if a Verdigris system is installed on an unsupported panel it could result in inaccurate data, void of warranty, or damage to the product.

Refer to this table to determine if your panels are supported:

Verdigris Hardware Compatibility

If you have questions about compatibility or are unsure about what type of panel you have, email and include a photo of the panel nameplate.

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