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What do I do if my system is offline?
What do I do if my system is offline?

Use this guide to fix a system that has stopped logging data.

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If you notice that you're not able to see any recent data in the Analytics app, your Verdigris system may be offline.

While the systems have some built-in onboard storage, if they're offline long enough you may start to lose some of your energy data, so it's important to make sure your systems are always connected.

There are a few things that might cause a disruption to your data:

  • The panel has been de-energized

  • The breaker that powers the Verdigris system is off

  • The network access point (wifi or hotspot) is down or has been moved

  • The network credentials or firewall settings have changed

  • The wifi or 4G signal is too weak or out of range

  • The wifi hotspot has hit its data or time limit

  • The Verdigris system has been unplugged or uninstalled

Follow the checklist below to see what might be causing your outage:

  1. Check the panel to make sure it's energized.

  2. Check the breakers that supply power to the Verdigris system to make sure they're on.

  3. If the system has power, make sure the lights are on. Be sure to also check the indicator lights under the access panel.

  4. If none of the lights are on, try rebooting the system.

  5. If there are still no visible lights after reboot, there may be a problem with your system. Contact us at

  6. If there are visible indicator lights, use the indicator light guide to determine what might be causing the issue.

  7. If the lights indicate an issue with the network connection, check if anything has changed to the network settings or access point.

  8. If the system is installed and powered correctly, there were no changes to the network, and the signal is strong, try rebooting the system.

  9. If you still have issues, contact us at

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