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How to Install an EV2 Verdigris Energy Data Gateway
How to Install an EV2 Verdigris Energy Data Gateway

Watch these videos to learn how to install an 'EV2' version Verdigris Gateway.

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View our EDG Installation Manual (EDG10312022) in PDF format here.

Check out the install video playlist on YouTube.

[If you're looking for version EV1, go here.]

1. Removing Old Verdigris System

* If you have a Verdigris EV1 unit installed, please use this video as a reference to removing the old Verdigris system.

2. Components List

3. Preparing Installation

4. Mounting Energy Data Gateway

5. Installing Voltage Taps

6. Installing Smart CT

7. Installing High Current CT Interface Modules

8. Installing Large Current Transformers

9. Connecting Large CT to Interface Module

10. Connecting Extension Cables

11. Connecting Voltage Taps

12. Securing Energy Data Gateway and Closing Panel Face

13. System Check

14. Connecting Wifi

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