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How do I restart a Verdigris Data Gateway?
How do I restart a Verdigris Data Gateway?

Instructions on Rebooting or Restarting the Data Gateway

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If you see red indicator lights on your Verdigris system or notice that you're not seeing recent data in the Analytics App, you may be able to resolve the issue by power-cycling or rebooting your system.


If you have a Data Gateway version Ev2, rebooting the system is as simple as toggling the power switch on the bottom of the unit off (0) and on (1).


If you have an older Gateway version Ev1, you can restart or reboot a Verdigris system by following these steps:

  1. Slide down the lower Access Panel cover to reveal the indicator lights and reset button.

  2. Using a small probe like a pen or paperclip, turn off the system by pressing and holding the reset button until the indicator lights turn off (about 10-20 seconds), then release.

  3. To turn the system back on, press and release the reset button again quickly (less than one-second press).

  4. It may take about 20 seconds for the lights to start turning back on. If you don't see any lights after about a minute, try pressing the button again quickly.

This will not wipe any settings or data from your Transmitter, and system status lights should turn back on within 20 seconds of the procedure. The Transmitter will reconnect to the Verdigris servers, so re-commissioning should not be required.

EV1 rebooting

If this does not resolve your issue, please contact Verdigris Support:

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