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Update your Building Profile

Use this guide to update your building profile settings. These settings help give you more accurate information and recommendations.

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Once you've installed a Verdigris system, there are a few final touches to get the most out of your new energy analytics platform. These settings help ensure you get the most accurate information, including:

  • Cost

  • Weather

  • Energy Use Intensity

  • Benchmarking

  • End-use comparison

Most settings can be updated in the Admin Console (

1) Verify your address and building details

Go to, make sure you're on the Building Profile page, and select the building you want to edit from the drop-down list.
Then click the "Edit Building" button. 

a) Make sure your Address  and ZIP Code are correct to ensure your data are in the right time zone and to get the correct weather data.

b) Add your End Use (industry) and Footprint (building size) to enable features like Energy Use Intensity (EUI) and benchmarking.

Benchmarking Figure

2) Add your Rate Schedule

If the Rate Schedule the field is empty or incorrect, update it to get the most accurate cost analysis.

Rate Schedule Figure

To update your rate schedule: email your utility name, rate code, and a copy of a recent invoice to 

3) Check User Access and Add Users

Review the list of users who have access to your account. Remove any users who don't need access to this building (this will not affect their access to any other buildings). 

Accounts and Users

Save your changes.

If you need to add a new User, navigate back to the top of the page and select "Manage Account".

Manage Account

For more information on how to manage users, check out the related article:
How do I manage users for my Company, Site, or Building?

Congratulations, you're all set up!

If you would like further assistance, please reach out to our team through the live chat bubble in the corner or email us at

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