Verdigris Installation Tips & Tricks

Installation tips and system checks to achieve a successful deployment.

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Installation support materials:

Before closing the panel

  • Plugin remote battery and 5mm barrel cable. After one minute, the system will run CT chain check.

  • Make sure LED indicator light for CT chain <CT chain symbol> resolves to green. Red lights indicate broken/unseated cables to troubleshoot. To rerun chain check, press the Setup button on the bottom of the gateway.

  • Ensure the positive and negative leads of the large CTs are securely seated in the HCIM.

  • Document installation on Commissioning Confirmation form.

Tapping Voltage (only applies to EDGs with Serial Number < BBE200001560)

  • Always run the voltage taps off the respective panel being monitored

  • Assume A terminal port on gateway is affected per TSB.

  • B terminal port on gateway is ‘hot’ and powers the gateway. Always tap B terminal

Installing CTs and Chain check

  • Load arrow on CT points in the direction of the load (away from the breakers).

  • Securely seat positive and negative leads in HCIM. Check by tugging lightly. Poorly seated CTs cannot send data.

  • HCIM ports 1, 2, 3 correspond with phase A, B, C

  • Use the length of the large CTs to span the panel-- they are excluded from limit. 25ft Maximum chain length (grey cables)

  • Close loop if not using a chain

  • To power the gateway when the panel is off, use a remote battery.Make sure you have the external battery and cables.

Documentation for Configuration

  • Document chain order (CT order changed)

  • Male port from the gateway is the START of the chain

  • Always include EDG serial number BBE20000XXXX

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