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November 17, 2022 | Admin Console: In-App Validations
November 17, 2022 | Admin Console: In-App Validations

Release notes for Admin Console v4.16

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Improved Configurability and In-App Validations

Admin Console now persistently reports configuration mismatches between installed Verdigris devices and its corresponding digital representation. You can now take the correct breaker and chain level actions to rectify errors on the Panel Configuration page when commissioning (initial setup) or retro-commissioning (changes to initial setup) devices.

Real-time errors and warnings

Validation flags are displayed at the breaker or chain levels when configurations mismatches are auto-detected. These validation flags feature actionable tips to help educate users on allowable (yellow) and un-allowable (red) states, ensuring commissioning accuracy and reducing time to activation. Examples include:

  • Detected more CTs commissioned than installed on one or both chains (for example, if a CT is physically removed from the chain.)

  • Breaker sizes must adhere to panel sizes (e.g. only 2-pole or 1-pole breakers allowed on a 1 phase, 3 wire panel)

  • Duplicate phase assignments are possible but atypical

  • Detected uncommissioned, but installed CTs detected on one or both chains

Editable breaker configurations

When installing new CTs, Verdigris software automatically detects CT type and creates a corresponding digital breaker in the Verdigris Admin Console. Previously, the digital breaker configurations were automatically set to a 1-pole breaker for every Smart CTs and 3-pole breaker for every HCIM (regardless of the count of CTs per HCIM.

With v4.16, users now have full flexibility in Admin Console to merge and unmerge breakers to match the desired configuration outcome. For example, merging three separate 1-pole breakers into a single 3-pole breaker or unmerging a single 3-pole breaker into three 1-pole breaker is now possible within Admin Console, and no longer requires a support ticket, saving time when commissioning.

There are two ways to edit breakers now:

1. Drag circuits

2. Split breaker action

Other User Interface Updates

Responsive Panel settings

Admin Console v4.16 enables users to edit panel name and type, with a built-in list of international standard voltages for easy reference.

CT Type and Max Rating

CT Type labels now include physical CT descriptors and their maximum current ratings. For more details, see Verdigris EV2 specification sheet.

Advanced settings

You can now find the “Decommission Data Gateway” and “Delete this panel” actions under the “Advanced settings” section at the bottom of the Panel Configuration page.


  • Breaker: Digital representation of a physical breaker. A breaker consists of 1, 2 or 3 circuits.

  • Chain: Digital representation of the Verdigris daisy chain. Each Verdigris Energy Data Gateway features two chains. Each chain supports up to 21 circuits.

  • Circuit: Digital representation of a physical circuit. A circuit must have a phase association (A, B, or C) and can be a positive or negative polarity.

  • Channels: Digital representation of the physical Ports, numbered as per their location in the reported daisy chain order. Each EDG (EV1, EV2) supports up to 45 channels with the first 3 Channels reserved for Voltage Ports. Channels 4 and beyond represent Smart CT or HCIM Ports, starting with the first CT on Chain 1 and the numbering continues at the beginning of Chain 2.

  • Ports: Ports are physical female connectors for:

    • Voltage Port: to terminate voltage taps (1 per panel phase)

    • Smart CT Port: to terminate Smart CTs in a daisy chain (1 per Smart CT)

    • HCIM Ports: to terminate high current CTs in an HCIM (3 per HCIMs)

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