Configuration Guide (China)

Once your installation is complete, use Verdigris Setup Tools to complete the configuration.

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Once your Verdigris system is installed, the Configuration step is required to ensure the metered data is transmitted to the cloud. Please note that the demo before is for a scenario with a Single Phase system.

  • Ensure the system is power on and the Light Indicators on the Energy Gateway are all turned green. If any of the light indicators are NOT green, check out our Error Codes guide

  • Make sure that cell data is disabled (if connecting from your smartphone)

  • Go to WiFi settings of your device (smartphone, laptop)

  • Connect to your Energy Gateway (Verdigris BBExxxxxx)

  • Once your device is connected to your Energy Gateway, open a browser and fill in URL with

  • Select Language and Begin Configuration

Setup Tools Page
  • You will see Internet Connection, Hardware, Data Collections, Tools, and General Settings.

Homescreen setup tools
  • Go to Verify Sensors and Voltage under the Hardware section. Click on 'Verify'.

Verify Sensors Screen

Note that you will see an error under Data Sensor if there is an HCIM on the installation but the terminals are not connected to any high current CTs. After the fix, click Reverify and you will see:


Please make sure the Chains and the Voltage are shown correctly.

  • Next, go to 'Phase Relationship' under Data Collections to ensure phase mapping is correct. For the breakers that are connected to an HCIM, you can choose the Amperages from the dropdown menu as 200A or 500A.

    If the CTs are installed in the reverse direction and you see negative power data (Real Power) from Energy Viewer, you can click on the Reverse icon on the right side of the screen, and the current direction will be fixed

Phase settings screen
  • Lastly, go to Energy Viewer to see your device's energy data instantly.

Energy viewer screen

You are all set!
Now you can log in to Admin Console to create your building, add building information, and name the breakers to start viewing your Building's Energy Data!

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