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How to setup Verdigris as a BACnet Client?
How to setup Verdigris as a BACnet Client?
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Before starting, please make sure you are in proximity of the Verdigris Gateway and have the Verdigris Mobile App downloaded on your smart device.

The following steps are applicable for a Gateway that has already been configured. If you haven't configured the Gateway, follow the steps on the Mobile App to Submit the initial Configuration before proceeding.

  1. Select the appropriate Gateway to open the Menu items.

  2. Select "More Details"

  3. Select "Data Transmission"

  4. Check the box for "BACnet"

  5. Once loaded, enter (or change) the BACnet ID

  6. Click "Save"

This Verdigris Gateway should now be discoverable by the BACnet host, so long as they are both on the same network.

For questions or support, please contact your Verdigris Customer Success Representative or

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