Verdigris CTs (proprietary Smart CTs or supported third-party CTs) are capable of measuring from 0 to over 10kA of current, and are typically installed in a wide range of electrical environments (switchgears, motor control centers, and distribution panels).

Up until now, installers had to manually select the CT sizes during the commissioning process which was time consuming and error prone, resulting in data inaccuracies and recommissioning effort.

Now, Verdigris has released new functionality to enable auto-detection of CT types (Smart CTs “S”, Hinged CTs “H”, or Coil CTs “C/L”) as soon as the systems power up. During the on-site commissioning steps, CT sizes will be auto-selected for installers’ convenience. Installers can then visually validate and save the CT sizes or override them (with caution), if necessary.

If you would like to schedule time for a walkthrough of this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager or

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