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How to Decommission a Verdigris Energy Data Gateway?
How to Decommission a Verdigris Energy Data Gateway?
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When panels are not in use, you can "Decommission" the linked Verdigris Energy Data Gateway ("gateway") to stop its data collection process until it's ready for use again.

All historical data on Panels with previously decommissioned systems retain data as per the Verdigris Data Retention Policy.

Steps to Decommission:

  1. Login to Verdigris Admin Console (roles: Account Owner or Building Admins)

  2. Navigate to the Building > Panel that needs to be Decommissioned

  3. Click Edit Panel on the top right and scroll down to the "Danger Zone"

  4. Click Decommission Data Gateway

  5. Enter Panel Name and click Decommission Data Gateway

Disclaimer: Decommissioning action stops the gateway from collecting new data and is not remotely supportable. However, this action does not terminate the software license, and data can be accessible via Verdigris Analytics or Verdigris Data API. Please reference your service agreement or contact for any questions.

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