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How to Deconfigure a Data Gateway?
Updated over a week ago

When you need to reuse a pre-installed Verdigris Energy Data Gateway ("Gateway") to monitor another panel, use Verdigris Admin Console to first deconfigure gateway from the existing panel and reconfigure it with the desired panel.

Important Notes:

  1. Panels with deconfigured Gateways display a "Deconfigured" status in Panel Configuration page.

  2. Panel Hierarchy page auto-drops panels with deconfigured Gateways and assigns any child Panels to the Building, as a new parent. Users must review and update Panel Hierarchy to enable accurate data reporting.

  3. Deconfigured Gateways are not reported in IoT Device Management for remote health monitoring, until reconfigured successfully with another Panel.

  4. Historical data for deconfigured Panels is preserved as per the Verdigris Data Retention Policy, and can be queried using Verdigris APIs.

  5. Reconfiguring Gateways to a new panel will start a fresh history for that panel.

Follow these steps to Deconfigure Gateway:

  1. Login to Verdigris Admin Console
    (note: Account Owner or Building Admin users only)

  2. Select Building from the dropdown at the top

  3. Select Panel from the list of panels on the left

  4. Click Edit Panel on the top right

  5. Read warning and click OK

  6. Scroll down and expand "Danger Zone"

  7. Click Deconfigure Data Gateway and Enter the panel name

  8. Click Deconfigure Panel to complete the process.

The Gateway is now successfully deconfigured, and can be reconfigured with another panel (or the same panel), if desired. To reconfigure Gateway, follow these steps.

​Please reference your service agreement or contact for any questions.

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