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What are the Verdigris CT noise thresholds?
Updated over a week ago

Once CTs are installed and configured, Verdigris provides visual indicators to help you validate the configuration of the installed CT is set correctly.

The indicators are categorized into three colors:

POSITIVE (green) if total real energy consumed over the last 24 hours is at least 0.4% of the CT rating and the PF > 0.6

  1. for SmartCT (90A) = > 1KWh

  2. for Hinged CT (200A) = > 2.3KWh

  3. for Coil CT (500A) = > 5.76KWh

NEGATIVE (red) if any 15 minutely period over the last 24 hours is < -0.4% of CT rating

  1. for Smart CT (90A) = < -42W

  2. Hinged CT (200A) = < -96W

  3. Coil CT (500A) = < -240W

INSUFFICIENT (grey) if not Positive and not Negative. The data in this case is often "noise" and cannot be technically validated.

CTs can be easily reconfigured to a different phase and polarity setting. All historical data (starting August 1, 2023) is recalculated and backfilled.

Please contact if you have any questions or suggestions about this feature.

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